Friends Of The Muscatatuck River Society

Today's Date is
Monday 23rd of April, 2018 -- 11:32 AM
Shady Sweep begins in:

Annual Meeting/Fellowship

Next Meeting -- Date: 02/28/2017 -- Time: 6:00 PM

This event is typically in September or October.
This event is also open to the public of any age as any other event that we host.
We plan the event pending on what other events are happening.

First off, we have either a pitch-in dinner or we supply the food.
We will talk and sing and play games as a typical picnic would be.
This will typically be the first 1-2 hours of the event.

Second, we will have our Annual Buisness Meeting.
We will have a slide-show of numbers/pictures/achivements of the year. Then we will have the Induction of Officers by the Honorable Mayor Harold "Soup" Campbell.

Finally, we will have a Hay-Ride (Weather/Eqipment pending) to finish off the night.