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Constitution and By-Laws
Historic Hoosier Hills Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee


The purpose of the organization is to provide leadership to improve and maintain the Muscatatuck River, by promoting responsible involvement, conservation, education, and recreation.

Article I


Section 1
The name of the organization shall be the Historic Hoosier Hills Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee.

Article II

Purpose and Objectives

Section 1
The purpose of the organization:

a. The organization is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan committee incorporated under Historic Hoosier Hills Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. Our purpose is the promoting of responsible involvement, conservation, education, and recreation in regards to the Muscatatuck River.

b. Objectives :

1) To increase awareness concerning the river's condition and provide leadership to improve and maintain the river for future generations to utilize and enjoy.

2) To educate the public on proper conservation methods that would impact the condition of the Muscatatuck River.

3) To aid in the collection of Water Quality Data from the Muscatatuck River for education purposes.

4) To promote responsible recreation opportunities on the water resource, known as the Muscatatuck River.

5) To secure the required technical, financial, educational and other services required to implement a project work plan.

Section 2
The powers of the organization are restricted to its purpose as stated in Section 1 of this Article. The organization does not have any legal authority. Legal authority needed to carry out certain project measures may be furnished by the sponsors, the county, or the community in which the project is located.

Section 3
Action of this organization shall be guided by the Constitution and By-Laws, and the rules and conditions that may be mandated by the HHHRC&D.

Section 4
The non-profit nature of the organization is such that no member, officer, or employee of the organization shall be entitled to receive income or profit therefrom, except reasonable compensation for services actually rendered in carrying out the objectives and purposes of the organization.

Section 5
Upon dissolution of the Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee, they will after paying and making provision for payment of all present liabilities of the Committee, turn over all remaining assets to the Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D Council, Inc. This RC&D is incorporated, not-for-profit, and has 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Article III


Section 1
Membership shall consist of anyone interested in the goals and objectives of the Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee. Voting members will be encouraged and welcomed. A voting member is a member that has participated in at least 3 committee events in the past year.

Article IV

Officers and Official Bodies

Section 1
The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Local Committee Treasurer.
To be an officer that person must first be a voting member.

Section 2
The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Local Committee Treasurer, and 3 Sub-Committee chairpersons. (Education, Conservation, Recreation)

Section 3
The President is not a voting member of the Executive Committee except in the event of a tie vote

Section 4
The President may appoint special committees as needed.

Section 5
No officer may hold a position of a committee chairperson.

Article V

Terms of Office

Section 1
The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Committee Treasurer shall be elected for a period of one year or until their replacements have been selected. The President may not serve over two consecutive terms, unless the Executive Committee/officers concur to extend a term or no suitable replacement is available.

Section 2
The election of President, Vice President, Secretary and Local Committee Treasurer will be held each year.

Section 3
The election of Committee Officers will be conducted as follows: Nominations submitted during August meeting, elections conducted in September with elected officers inducted and taking office at the Annual Meeting.

Article VI


Section 1
Duties of Offices:

Preside over all meetings of the organization.

Act for the President in the President's absence. Will perform assigned duties assigned by the President and the Executive Committee.

Keep records of the organization and handle correspondence and perform other duties naturally incumbent upon the position.

Local Committee Treasurer:
Maintain the financial records, petty cash reserves, and issue an annual report to the Historic Hoosier Hills Resource and Development Inc.

***Note*** The HHH Council Treasurer acts as the treasurer for all committees' grant funds including the Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee and provides the committee with a monthly report of their account.

Sub-Committee Chairs:
To implement the objectives of the respective sub-committee in compliance with the objectives of the organization as final objective, while complying with all articles of this document. The three sub-committees are Education, Conservation, and Recreation.

Article VII


Section 1
Business meetings will be held monthly or as determined by the Executive Committee. Additional meetings shall be scheduled to plan for field days, workshops, etc., as needed, with one annual public meeting, to report to the general public.

Section 2
Minutes of all meetings will be available to each member of the organization.

Section 3
A meeting agenda will be prepared and used at all meetings. Any additions or corrections to the agenda will be made at the beginning of the meeting, with the approval of the group.

Section 4
Meetings will be conducted in a manner to insure all agenda items are addressed and as time permits; other items may be discussed or added to the next meeting's agenda.

Section 5
Regular meetings will be conducted as follows:

a. The Opening
b. The approval of the previous meeting's minutes
c. Local Committee Treasurer's report
d. Old business updates
e. New business/committee reports
f. Correspondence
g. Summary/next meeting's agenda
h. Adjournment

Section 6
Sub-committee meetings will be conducted by the chairperson of that committee, at a time chosen by that chairperson.

Article VIII


Section 1
At no time, a amendment shall be made to this document that is in violation of any public law, or is in conflict with any rule or condition set by the Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D Inc.

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a majority of voting members in attendance at a regular or special meeting when the notice of such a meeting shall contain the proposed amendment. To vote on the proposed change, the member will be required to have been a voting member, prior to the meeting the proposal was presented. Notices containing information about amending the Constitution and By-Laws shall be sent to all voting members of the organization.

The Amendment process must take these steps:
1. A voting member proposes an amendment to this document in a regular meeting.
2. Notice will be sent to all voting members of the proposed amendment before the next meeting.
3. There will be discussion on the amendment at the next meeting.
4. A vote will be taken among the voting members at the following meeting.
5. A simple majority vote of voting members present shall prevail.

The latest issue date shall be shown in the lower left hand corner of the Constitution and By-Laws and the last page shall show each revised date.

*Amended by resolution of the Historic Hoosier Hills Friends of the Muscatatuck River Society Committee on September 10, 2013.