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Monday 23rd of April, 2018 -- 11:32 AM
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Tires are one of the consistant items we find durring our clean-ups. Tires are disposed of inappropriatly because of the cost of recycling tires. When we do our clean-ups, someone still pays for the disposal of these tires, thus increasing costs of our clean-ups, and your taxes. Here is some information and idea's for the reuse of tires if you do not wish to pay the cost of recycling tires.

Tire Recycling by Wikipedia
Rubber Mulch
Make a Tire Swing!
Make a planter!


Reducing what we use can help everyone. The less that goes into landfills and our rivers can make our water's safer,cleaner and reduce costs for everyone. Here is some information about reducing your use.

EPA Reducing information


Reusing products is one thing that people can do to help the rivers and everywhere else. There is all sorts of ways to reuse items. One way is having a garage sale instead of tossing stuff away. Another way is if the facility is availiable, a reuse center. If something is old doesn't nesscessarily mean it's useless.

Reuse by Wikipedia
Jennings county Recycling/Reuse Center


Recycling is one of the best ways to help reduce to waste that could possibly make it into our rivers. You can find products, or even make new things out of old items. Here is some information on the concepts and idea's for recycling.

EPA Recycling
Recycling by Wikipedia
Ways to Recycle at Home
Jennings County Recycling Center