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Today's Date is
Monday 23rd of April, 2018 -- 11:29 AM
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Kevin's Klean-up

Next Cleanup -- Date: 04/22/2017 -- Time: 8:00 AM

Kevin's Klean-up is our Spring Cleanup.

This clean-up is named after Kevin Jayne (1976-2010)

It typically occur's in April, but the date greatly depends on other events going on around the area or the weather.

We will clean up all of our typical clean-up sites, based on the manpower we have per event.

This event is open to the public of any age capable of helping to clean up.

Typically this is how things run for this clean-up:

7:30 AM

We will gather at the Vernon Commons (Maintained by the FMRS and the Jennings County Parks and Recreation Department). During this gathering, people register and are assigned group leaders to go to specific sites if not alread done so at the site-leader meeting.

8:00 AM

Our president will address the group about the clean-up, and any necceccary information.
After our president speaks, typically we have the Jennings County Sheriff's Department or someone from the FMRS to address the group about one of the deadly dangers that we have encountered in the past, equipment that makes illegal drugs.
After this, all are released to their clean-up areas and start cleaning up our rivers!

12:00 PM

Everyone gathers at the designated site, typically the North Vernon City Park.
They will drop off any trash they have, leaders turn in their forms and equipment.
After most of everyone is gathered, then we proceed to have a lunch for all of our hard working members and guests, courtesy of our Sponsors and FMRS members.
Then after everyone is full, we still have a dedicated group who will sort though the trash and help the Waste Management Department to recycle what we can.

It's a huge effort by everyone, but we have fun, have great food, and maybe make some friends along the way.